Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction

Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction

"No Pain, No gain!! Does not apply to our laser hair removal treatments. We have the latest and the newest techniques - FDA approved devices. It is safe to use on all skin types with a Gold standard (gliding) laser head to minimize the negative side effects and maximize the patient's comfort and great results.

Our Clinic provides the following hair reduction lasers:

1. Soprano Diode Laser

The Soprano "Pain-free, Hair-free" laser hair removal treatment gently heats the dermis to a temperature that is effective in damaging the hair follicle which in turn, prevents re-growth in a safe manner that does not damage the surrounding skin.

2. MedlLite/RevLite (Nd-yag Q switched laser)

The RevLite Q-switched laser has two types of frequencies that allow for beautiful treatment results of epidermal and skin dermal conditions. The RevLite laser can also be used for tattoo removal.

3. Cutera (Nd-yag)

The Cutera is a CoolGlide laser that can treat individuals with all skin types, in a safe and effective manner. This laser has a long wavelength with an innovative cooling system which in-turn gives wonderful results.

Prior to your treatment

A consultation is held prior to your treatment to discuss and decide the appropriate treatment for your specific skin needs. Our experience of over-thirty years, guarantees that we will help you make the right choice of treatment for your ultimate satisfaction and best results.