Shifu Plus

SHIFU PLUS is a machine made by ITS GROUP in Italy. It is a new technology used for face and body firming. It uses high intensity focused ultrasound with a multi-line system for fast and efficient treatment. SHIFU PLUS is the only technology that can treat the layer which is called SMAS: Superficial Muscle Aponeurotic System. The deep elastin fibres contract and become a real support to the superficial tissues, thus ensuring a lasting and evident lifting effect.

Shifu Plus

NB: SMAS is a layer of tissue deep within the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It is one of the most important support structures for the face. The manipulation of this anatomic structure changes the appearance of the face.

Biological Effects:

Ultrasonic waves which are concentrated in defined areas of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue - create distinct points of thermal coagulation (Thermal Coagulation Points: at different depths).

The heat generated by the friction of the molecules in the TCP, reaches 80 Degrees Celsius - starts a subsequent denaturation of collagen in the dermis and in the sub-dermal layers including the SMAS - leading to fragmentation of the collagen cross-linked structure and to the narrowing of the molecule responsible for the immediate lifting that is observed immediately after the treatment.