Revage Laser for Hair Restoration

Revage Laser 670 for Hair Restoration

This unique machine is a patented technology, which clinically assures the success of hair regrowth. Each hair cell is exposed to the Low Level Laser Therapy that increases the oxygen in the scalp. This in turn, increases the blood circulation that imports nutrients such as; zinc and calcium to the hair follicle.

This amazing non-invasive technology is scientifically and clinically proven to safely and effectively stimulate protein synthesis, cellular metabolism, stops hair loss, stimulates new hair growth and regenerates tissues while increasing blood flow, which produces clinically proven results.

Visible results from the Revage Cool Laser Therapy occur within weeks.

Prior to your treatment

A consultation is held prior to your treatment to discuss and decide the appropriate treatment for your specific skin needs. Our experience of over-thirty years, guarantees that we will help you make the right choice of treatment for your ultimate satisfaction and best results.